Coffee and Steampunk


What do coffee and Steampunk have in common? I have no earthly idea except that it surely was a winning combination today! I started the day off at church where they always serve some lovely yummy coffee and snacks. I forwent (is that a word?) the snacks for the sake of my annoying cholesterol that I have 6 months to lower, and I had a beautiful cup of joe. Then, I came home and made a pot of the stuff. Was it wise? I’m not really sure, because it’s 10:15 and I’m wide awake. 5:30 is going to not only kick my butt in the morning, it is going to probably commit homicide as well. But I digress…

The point of the coffee was to make sure that I didn’t fall prey to any lurking naps that like to hide in the cracks and crevices of my house. I am going to a Steampunk event next month, and I am trying to un-procrastinate (if that is possible) making my clothes and accoutrements. The concepts are swimming about in my head full of gears, cogs, and brass fairy wings. I thought that the coffee might lure some of the ideas out into the light. And guess what, folks? It worked. I sipped three cups of fuel, and I made some ruffles for the bottom of my dress, part of a cell phone-holding arm piece for a friend, two lovely butterfly cameos for my shoes, and I learned how to make a Steampunk bubble tube. Wow! That is actually a pretty productive day considering that the ruffles were all hand sewn.

I still have so much more to do, so I’m thinking about being coffee’s new BFF for awhile. I am trying to create a backpack/box that will hold my lovely concoction called “Lady Astrid’s Anti-disequilibrium Elixir” for those of you who may suffer the pesky ill effects of time traveling. One sip of this serum will stave off any vertigo, lightheadedness, or physical discomfort that might result from a chrononaut’s voyage. So, I must create the backpack, the elixir itself, and Victorian outfit complete with bustle, Steampunk shoes, and other fancy accessories. 

I have only one question for all of you javamancers……how do you turn it off? I can’t quite find the power down button. Now it’s 10:40 and there’s no relief in sight. I’m pretty sure if I had the right materials right now, I could build a real T.A.R.D.I.S. with all of this energy I seem to have. I guess it’s a lesson learned: tomorrow I shall only drink 2 cups of the stuff. 


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