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Amish Inception (Minus Leonardo)

     I had a friend over tonight who was telling me a story that happened to her on a back road here in Delaware. This moment in time seemed to speak directly to her soul, and she was sharing how she felt God had used that moment to teach her something very profound. As she was sharing, tears welled up in my eyes as I thought I knew the final lesson that God was teaching her, but in reality, I got her lesson wrong and gained a lesson of my own from her story about her lesson. Did you follow that? It’s almost like the movie inception, but Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t there (sadly). I am always blown away that profound moments in life come from a connection to others in a very unexpected way.

      Let me give you some back story. If you aren’t from Delaware or have never been to Delaware, then you don’t know that we have a pretty decent sized Amish population. It’s not all Amish-y like Lancaster or other parts of Pennsylvania, but out on the back roads, there are a lot of Amish farms which lead to quite a few Amish buggies on the road. You have to be very careful because the buggies move slowly (obviously, there are horses involved and not motors), and the roads are twisty-turny. So, it may be a little while until it is safe to pass them because of visibility issues. This can be frustrating for the motorist who must speed as quickly as possible to get to his or her destination. However, I’ve always found it sweet and beautiful that someone doesn’t care about technology and lives exactly as they want to regardless of the world around them. They are slow, though, and I’m always really hesitant to pass them.

      Ok, so my friend’s story is this. She was driving on a back road with her son, and she was coming up to an intersection. There was a buggy with a father and daughter in it that was going through a stoplight. The light was turning red, and the buggy was turning, but somehow the driver miscalculated the turn. The buggy started tipping, the horse got tangled in its reins and gear and whatnot (forgive my non-horsemanlike vocabulary), and the whole lot got wrapped around a sign but landed upright with no casualties at all (even the horse, so you can breathe easily now). A nearby motorist stopped to pick up debris in the road that might impede other motorists, and my friend got out to make sure that the passengers were ok. She told me that the man and child were fine, but that the man said he was trying to rush through the light in order to not be a burden to the motorists on the road! Whoa. When she said this, I was in tears. The end of the story is that everything was put to right when the Amish father-daughter team checked out their rig and headed for home in safety.

         My friend’s lesson in this was that sometimes rushing impedes the progress that God is trying to help us with in our lives. This is an amazing lesson. In fact, I like that story a lot, but when she told me what the father said, I felt a ring of truth in my deepest soul. This is something that I do on a daily basis and see others that I love doing as well (and you know who you are!). Sometimes we worry so much about getting out of other people’s way as quickly as we can that we lose our balance, veer off the track that we are on, and often have a near-fatal accident. Have you ever felt this way? Do you ever feel like the world is just whizzing by you and you are just in the way? You may feel like you are on some sort of slow track with God, your job, your relationship status, your finances, your health, or your dreams. Or maybe you see others achieving the goals and dreams that you have for yourself faster, easier, and with seemingly less effort. I’m sure that the message of this story for me was not “slow and steady wins the race,” but “don’t be in such a rush to get out of people’s way or your will become disoriented and turned around in your journey.” I certainly don’t want to be rude or self-centered and ignore the courtesy that we should have for one another, but I am slowly realizing that I am not in the way. I am on my way. This is a lesson to anyone who has ever felt this way. I recognize the truth of it myself, and will put it into practice. Does this ring true in your soul? It should, it’s the God’s honest truth. Now, let’s all stop trying to get out of each other’s way and enjoy the ride, people!!!